Asset Management

Warehouse, Logistics: Supply Chain, Asset Management RFID and RTLS Solutions

Companies around the globe are using RFID to improve production flow, optimize their supply chain, manage assets and increase inventory accuracy. By tagging assets and returnable transport items (RTIs) like pallets, trolleys, containers, etc. Companies have been able to obtain the visibility they need into their logistics processes. The result of it is production flow tracking in real time, and thereby identify bottlenecks so they can improve cycle times.

RFID also provides automated and accurate asset counts, as it tracks parts moving through the process. This reduces the amount of time workers spend searching for specific parts (or conducting manual inventory audits), while also ensuring accurate scheduling of assembly operations, by having a live count of the work-in-process (WIP) inventory.

RFID and visual tagging systems (bar coding, datamatrix, etc.) reduce costs by eliminating paper-based instructions and tags in their processes.


Expedition control in truck docks

You know that avoiding misplaced load on a wrong truck saves a lot of money, so you can track every pallet or load on the right truck or container.
Accurate forklift location with ERP or WMS integration, lets you prevent two frequent mistakes: “wrong load” and “missing item”.


Automated, accurate logistics stock location

Instant inventory, precise location of pallets, containers, boxes or items. There are several ways to count your items or containers, combining readers in forklifts, at the entrance/exit of your warehouse, combining RFID with optical recognition solutions. Locate in Real Time your stocks, ERP/WMS integration. Keep record of location history. No lost goods, pallets or containers.


Critical equipment positioning in real time

RFID and RTLS technologies let you optimize assets across your operations in real time: Precise location, usage and reporting.


Yard Management

Real time visibility of all assets and free slots. No more misplacement inneficiencies. Optional combination of RTLS and RFID /NFC for smartphone detection. No wires needed.



Complete RTI management

Returnable transport items (RTIs) like pallets, trolleys, containers, etc are allways visible and located in a indoor warehouse or yard. Tracktio has developed a unique solution that allows real time location of pallets and assets without tagging them, thanks to our ultra-accurate RTLS solution and by positioning forklifts in real time.


Asset Management Reports

Productivity, compliance, behavior,
Alarms, customized reports.


Layout Optimization

By knowing all movements, factories and warehouse traffic can be optimized.Better when combining WMS and RTLS


Cold chain traceability

Pharma, fresh food and other industries require temperature or humidity tracking. Our RFID datalogger tag measures and records the historical data for later audit and certification. Information can be validated on site at delivery (with a smartphone) or managed remotely