Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Construction, Oil&Gas

Leading industrial companies employ real-time location systems (RTLS) to identify, locate and monitor patients, visitors, staff members, assets and equipment.

Why Tracktio? Our unique UWB technology applied to RTLS is a major leap improvement over legacy solutions from the late 90’s (WiFi, RFID) or the most recent “BLE fashion”, because of its impressive accuracy, stability, industrial-grade design, low power consumption, interference-free, advanced analytics and 30-40% lower cost of ownership.

By keeping track of relevant assets, team staff and KPI’s in real-time, you can manage employees, receive updates, requests and alerts and respond accordingly.

From manufacturing to logistics, mining to automotive, companies face similar problems when it comes to managing people and assets in complex industrial environments. Trading off safety, accountability, operations efficiency and cost involves selecting the right location and asset management solution.

Tracktio’s tracking technologies, enable:

– Improve safety and security for workers and plant visitors.
– Enhance execution results and team efficiency.
– Fostering them higher empowerment, safety, bidirectional communication and management support.
Industry 4.0 paradigm is closer thanks to Tracktio’s platform, integrated with ERP, WMS and MES applications.
– Assets like WIP, critical tools and production machines  are always located, to improve plant productivity.
Goods inventory accuracy gets close to 100%.
– Reduce legal penalties, incident avoidance and overall compliance.
Automate your facilities (factories, mines, construction, etc.) by automate processes audit.
Worker satisfaction by giving them empowerment, protection and direct request for suport.

Industry-machinery-industria-maquinas-smartfactory-rfid- uwb-rtls-people-tracking-asset-tracking-safety

Telecontrol of your machines with analytics

Track production machines. Determine usage patterns, consumption, efficiency.

people-tracking-construction-building-dangerous-areas-hazard-uwb-rtls- industrial

Worker Productivity. Wasted time

Tracktio’s UWB RTLS and Plant Analytics let’s managers configure rules to identify suspicious behavior. Automated events like lack of movement, irregular zone of work, group behavior, sensor data, geofencing alarms, etc improves team productivity and highlight top performers.


Evacuation -Mustering

Personnel tracking for companies operating in hazardous areas, being able to accurately locate personnel and assets is of particular importance. Our RTLS solution, including ATEX certification, provides the read reliability to be considered for an Automatic Mustering System.


Manufacturing Layout Optimization

By knowing all movements, factories and warehouse traffic can be optimized.Better when combining WMS (warehouse manufacturing system) and RTLS


Manufacturing WIP- Work In Process

Manufacturing production lines defined as a chain of zones with geo-fencing to flag events. A 2D factory layout display with production sections and intermediate stocks provides aggregated WIP KPI like Production status, identification and location, line flow control, FIFO compliance or Rework management.


Turn Around Management

Process Industry can manage complex Turn Around challenges, like safety risk heightened due to thousands being on site, schedule and budget overruns (that typically average 15-30%). Other Turn Around objectives, according to Accenture, is to increase contractor time on tools and to avoid turn around discrepancies in contractor billings, that typically account 5-15%.


Critical equipment location across wide areas.

Production machines can be spread across a wide area or confined inside a tunnel or mine. Precise location of critical assets is critical in Oil&Gas, Construction and Ports & Terminals, to improve output, avoid stolen machines, minimize wasted time locating them.


RFID and RTLS for hazarous areas – ATEX and ICEx Zone I

Personnel and asset tracking solutions are of particular importance to companies with designated hazardous areas. EX expertise provides the framework for the delivery of a range of Active & Passive RFID based tracking solutions. Solutions designed to dramatically improve worker safety, production efficiency and asset management.


Expedition control in truck docks

You know that avoiding misplaced load on a wrong truck saves a lot of money, so you can track every pallet or load on the right truck or container. RTLS and RFID solutions are suitable for this use case.
Accurate manufacturing forklift location with ERP or WMS integration, lets you prevent two frequent mistakes: “wrong load” and “missing item”.

Automated, accurate stock location

Instant inventory, precise location of pallets, containers, boxes or items.
There are several ways to count your items or containers, combining readers in forklifts, at the entrance/exit of your warehouse, combining RFID with optical recognition solutions. Locate in Real Time your stocks, ERP/WMS integration. Keep record of location history. No lost goods, pallets or containers.


Yard Management

Real time visibility of all assets and free slots. No more misplacement inneficiencies. Optional combination of RTLS and RFID /NFC for smartphone detection. No wires needed.


End to End RTI management

Returnable transport items (RTIs) like pallets, trolleys, containers, etc are allways visible and located in a indoor warehouse or yard. Tracktio has developed a unique solution that allows real time location of pallets and goods without tagging them, thanks to our ultra-accurate RTLS solution and by positioning forklifts in real time.


Collision avoidance and pedestrian safety

accidents. Control visitors in the facility
Warehouse manufacturing workers or visitors wear active tags, that can be detected by the forklift or moving machine, to automatically slow down the engine.


Anticipate events through Machine Learning

TrackSphere Machine Learning makes it easy to obtain Plant predictions for the application using simple APIs and TrackSphere dashboards. With available Customer data from assets, processes and workers, the service uses powerful predictive and prescriptive algorithms to create ML models by finding patterns in Customer’s data.