TrackSphere™ is a platform for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, focused on tracking, location algorithms, inventory and operations management.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a broad label that can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans, applied industrial operations like manufacturing, logistics, oil&gas, etc.

IIoT is often used for remote monitoring. In product restocking, for example, a vending machine can message the distributor when a particular item is running low, also a smart cabinet RFID enabled avoids theft and monitors hospital-critical supplies. IIoT communication is an important aspect of warehouse management, remote control, robotics, traffic control, logistic services, supply chain management, fleet management and telemedicine.

Data from connected products, devices and sensors can power new innovative applications, enhance business processes, enrich customer processes, and provide dramatic insights into the physical world

For manufacturers, intelligence acquired from connected products drives new revenue streams and product innovation

Key IIoT  components

There are 3 main components of an M2M solution are:

  • Sensors and actuators to interact with the phisical world. An autonomic computing software programmed to help a networked device interpret data and make decisions. This piece of software runs on the same electronic device that has sensors and actuators.
  • A low cost network, tipically Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular communications link. Most telecom operators has special tarifs and provisioning tools for IIoT applications and at Tracktio, we are partners of several of them.
  •  A centralized application for remote management, analytics and business intelligence (local server or cloud service).
Tracktio platform simplifies connectivity, device management, machine/sensor data management, and the development of applications that monitor, manage, and control connected machines and devices.

The Internet and improved standards for wireless technology have expanded the role of telemetry from pure science, engineering and manufacturing to everyday use in products like home heating units, electric meters and Internet-connected appliances. Products built with IIoT communication capabilities are often marketed to end users as being “smart.”

The Tracktio platform includes six major areas of capabilities:
  • Connectivity,
  • Data Management,
  • System
  • Management,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Application Enablement Services
  • Connected Machine Management.

You can upgrade your machines to be ‘smart’ with Tracktio

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a new paradigm of increasing the connectedness of people and things on a large scale. The pace of IoT market adoption is accelerating because of four factors:

  • Availability of low priced and high performance electronics for sensors and actuators
  • Growth and affordability in analytics and cloud computing tools
  • LoRa private communications allows easy deployment without telecom operators.
  • Sigfox, M2M and the new NB-IoT communications provided by telecom operators are ubiquitous and right priced.
  • Customer’s demand to innovate at low cost, create new business models and the proliferation of connecting supply chains, partners, and customers

Tracktio IIoT architecture holds strong synergies with other complementary solutions. The core intelligent element is TrackSphere™ suite of software modules, and the embedded I/O Agent running on standard and affordable sensors/actuators electronics.


TrackSphere™ is a platform for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, focused on tracking, location algorithms, inventory and operations management.

Machine to Machine infrastructure

Now Is the IIoT Time !

The opportunities presented by Industrial Internet of  Things far outweigh the challenges if managed with the right partner. The connection of devices, machines, and things allows you to dynamically generate, analyze, and communicate intelligence data, increase operational eficiencies, and power new and greatly improved business models.

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