Manufacturing big problems (and solutions)

As the IoT and connected devices are increasing among households, it is time to remember that one of their main focus will be industry and manufacturing. Nowadays, digitalization in factories and industries is happening at a really quick pace, so big changes are coming.

Until now, a lot of managers haven’t really taken the necessary attention to the benefits of how Industry 4.0 can improve their business operations. In fact, manufacturing is one of the sectors that invests less in IT, all due to the difficulties factories face when trying to stop production in order to implement digital advances.

This McKinsey report talks about the real meaning of Industry 4.0 in terms of manufacturing. This is just the new way in which future will define how things are made. Quality processes and controls, now will be fully integrated not only with the product, but also with the factory in order to increase quality standards and customer satisfaction.

We can’t deny the impact that every revolution had in the past years in global economy. It is on our hands to make it count and develop new solutions that will for sure impact in a direct way in our daily operations. This big transformation points out to a new way of working that will make automation a standard and also will force firms to adapt to the new technology innovations.


Pedestrian accidents

Accidents in heavy industries are one of the most important topics and the one that must be taken seriously from day 1. In a big manufacturing plant, it is not strange to see a lot of trucks and machinery driving around, in order to provide the services needed. The problem here arises when workers and machinery have to stay in the same area and when safety measures are not well deployed, accidents happen.

One solution to this problem, and that has proven to work well in dangerous and hazardous areas, is real time worker tracking. UWB accurate technologies with Machine Learning avoid this problem by tracking people, machines and vehicles in real time and providing alerts when an accident is about to happen. In this way, an alarm sounds and machines stop moving in order to avoid a dramatic accident.

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Stock location

Every big warehouse has logistic problems and a lot of objects that have to be delivered to customers are nowhere to be found. When critical seasons (Christmas, Sales, etc.) start, a lot of boxes and pallets are lost somewhere in the warehouse and workers have problems finding them.

Amazon uses RFID in order to provide their Amazon Go shops. This systems allows them to automatically count stock on shelves, track products inside the warehouse and also let users go home without queues by registering the bought items with this automatic system.

RFID systems work well in order to automate processes and to find where you left pallets, and who the last responsible person that move it was. We provide a software platform ready to use with RFID systems and also with other tracking systems in the market like UWB or BLE.

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At tracktio we want to help manufacturers and industries improve efficiency and avoid this kind of problems, if you want to know how can we help you, take a look at our industrial solutions to see the benefits of UWB.

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