People Tracking

Solutions to protect and monitor workers and staff, to understand your customers, and to measure team productivity

Although RFID and RTLS is primarly used to track assets and items, people tracking can get important benefit as well, because at the end, tag technology is wearable.

You can identify who is who, where is the person located with an accuracy of 1 meter, track where he/she has been, rise an alarm under special behaviors (static person, person in forbidden area, grouped persons, etc..) and display it in graphical screen.

Some people tracking examples include:

  • Worker safety in mining, oil&gas, industry process,
  • Retail: Customer behavior across hot store zones, business intelligence.
  • Services workers, construction, factory employees.
  • Hospital: protection to patients, baby borns, old people, efficient localization of doctors and nurses
  • Security: inmate control at prision, security services at malls, airports, etc.
  • Sports: track athletes like runners, bikers, skyers, massive sports like marathons.
  • Massive events:  trade show visitors and music festivals
  • …and many more


Real time people tracking

Amusement Parks and other leisure enviroments face the challenge to keep kids under permanent control. Wearable RTLS tags like wristbands and automated event analytics based on accurate location keep kids safe.


Patient flow and elder protection

Healthcare centers need to locate employees and patients in order to provide better attention and take care of those who need it the most. With limited resources, Hospitals can manage large amount of people by digitalization and setting rules to anticipate problems


Law enforcement and Security

Alarm when a machine is nearby. Avoid accidents. Control visitors in the facility.Warehouse workers or visitors wear active tags, that can be detected by the forklift or moving machine, to automatically slow down the engine.


Kids Location

Amusement Parks and other leisure enviroments face the challenge to keep kids under permanent control. Wearable RTLS tags like wristbands and automated event analytics based on accurate location keep kids safe.



Evacuation -Mustering

It makes no sense to deploy a system where the read reliability is not 100% due to the fact this will mean that a person will be reported missing when they are not. Passive and assisted passive tags do not have the read reliability to be considered for an Automatic Mustering System.


Worker accountability. People tracking

Tracktio’s UWB RTLS and Plant Analytics let’s managers configure rules to identify suspicious behavior. Automated events like lack of movement, irregular zone of work, group behavior, sensor data, geofencing alarms, etc improves team productivity and highlight top performers.


Omnichannel customer. Supermarket cart location.

Define dangerous and forbidden areas and get automated alarms. Know in real time where you staff is and interact with them though the tag, enabled with an alarm button.


Turn Around in Process Industry

Process Industry can manage complex Turn Around challenges, like safety risk heightened due to thousands being on site, schedule and budget overruns (that typically average 15-30%). Other Turn Around objectives, according to Accenture, is to increase contractor time on tools and to avoid turn around discrepancies in contractor billings, that typically account 5-15%.


Man Down feature – Lone Worker

By measuring precise movements and data from G-Force sensors, our UWB RTLS tags gives you the confidence to protect your team. Combined with ATEX certification, the RTLS solution is perfect for the process industry, oil&gas and tunnel construction.


Remote monitoring and support to retail and warehouse staff

Tracktio’s high accuracy UWB RTLS with IoT sensors, lets you monitor worker fatigue status, warn of unqualified personnel in high-risk areas, capture data to prevent incidents, provide real-time project management and overall, reduce contractor billing errors, quality assurance, enhance supervisor visibility to project work.


Compliance and protocol assurance.

You can define specific tasks in our software platform -like hand disinfection or helmet collection – . Thanks to the unique features of UWB RTLS and sensors, your organization is safe, compliant and productive.


Anticipate events through Machine Learning

TrackSphere Machine Learning makes it easy to obtain Plant predictions for the application using simple APIs and TrackSphere dashboards. With available Customer data from assets, processes and workers, the service uses powerful predictive and prescriptive algorithms to create ML models by finding patterns in Customer’s data