Plug & Play RFID solution


A unique architecture to link the physical world (items with RFID Tags) and the digital (your ERP or specific tracking application)

We can provide you with the whole RFID solution for your project, including readers, antennas, sensors, printers, tags etc. as true plug & play, pre-integrated and ready for installation building blocks.


  • With this vision, we developed Tracksphere, an RFID software infrastructure (compatible with other technologies), that connects RFID readers of all kinds (RFID Portal, Gates, Handhelds, Forklift mounted readers, etc.) and brands (Impinj, Zebra-Motorola, Honeywell-Intermec) to the Web and your applications like ERP, WMS or MES.
  • To enable end to end solution, we also developed a critical piece of software (with the help of our device partners) that runs on the RFID reader, as an embedded middleware, communications agent and device manager.
  • Tracksphere also includes an Asset Management (TrackAsset) and People tracking (PeopleCare) specific applications for customers that require more than just RFID reads, inventories and consolidated tag views. TrackAsset and PeopleCare are customer applications to solve operational problems without the need to buy or develop expensive stand alone software.


Many customer problems can be solved now thanks to the affordable and high accuracy location solution of people and relevant assets

Tracktio combines RFID with optical identification (barcoding or QR) and even with RTLS (indoor positioning) and sensors, to feed a flexible Software Application, adaptable to most common asset and people tracking needs


Tracking Application
Multi-purpose application with inventory, automated tracking, reporting, etc. Turning RFID reads to actionable intelligence.

Unified Platform
Our tracking platform manages data from RFID, barcoding & QR, BLE & Becons, RTLS, outdoor GPS location and even from generic IoT sensors.

Our TrackSphere software server and our Android app work great with any RFID handheld and fixed readers in the market.

Advanced tag features
Full compatibility with GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol, which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-6, RAIN and industry specific codifications.

Great technical support
Our team will help you improve and maintain your RFID infrastructure and tracking sofware. Commited SLA, 24×7 services, escalation tools and assigned engineer.

Smartphone and tablet ready
Our applications are web responsive and also native Android app is available. Dual tags RFID-NFC are available for smartphones.

Great API
If you want to integrate your operations application or customize your own dashboards, our API provides sophisticated tracking events like reverse stock counting, geofencing, behavior, boolean ops, KPIs etc.

Tag movement directions
Our patented algorithms provides accurate movement direction, for the purpose of recognition in warehousing or shipment for inventory management across aisles and dock trucks.


Since several years ago the team at Tracktio implemented RFID software and tracking solutions in multiple customers and market segments.
Check out this short video produced by Correos Spain, where they show how RFID enables them to measure postal processes and track rollers across multiple facilities.


For detailed specs and customer applications, please send an email to I will be happy to help you !