RTLS in Agriculture

Today we want to talk about how a new technology as RTLS can be applied in an old business as it is the agriculture; in fact animal identification market grows about 30% every year.

(Read more about livestock management RFID by clicking here)


There are three relevant facts about real time location is really important to this sector:

  1. Locating people, for example farmers and breeders.
  2. Tracking equipment like agricultural tractors and other machines.
  3. Observe animal behaviors, detect sickness and thefts.


Now we are going to focus on livestock, for example cows, pigs, goats, etc. In general the animals can be on an open or indoor area.

In the first instance it could be interesting to install an UWB (ultra wideband) solution in a big farm or open spaces. That allow agriculture farmers to track with high precision the position and detect some lost or dead animals and provide theft protection. Also RTLS helps to detect sick animals observing his behavior, for example if a beef doesn’t go with the rest of the herd or the animal spends more time than usual sleeping or lie.

On the other hand, in little areas, generally indoor areas also we can use UWB to track livestock and the other option is Bluetooth RTLS called BLE (Bluetooth low energy).

Is recommendable to use BLE in closed and little agriculture areas because is a short range technology that is useful to have each animal identified electronically. BLE is not as accurate as UWB, but is effective to locate and count animals in a determined area.
There are many solutions and combinations to track and identified livestock. In Tracktio we believe that animals tracking and identification is a clue step to have all the livestock controlled and optimized. If you want more information about our solutions please contact us.