uRTLS™: Indoor & Outdoor Location Solution

uRTLS™ by Tracktio is a ultra high precission positioning solution, based on the innovative UWB wireless technology,
that includes different tag options, a powerful API and a complete tracking and analytics software platform.


uRTLS™ is a white labeled and modular solution for your industrial and enterprise-class applications.

Customer use cases tracktio RTLS UWB ultrartls



  • Three layers, from top to bottom: Applications & User Interface, RTLS Base Stations infrastructure and tags attached to things or people.
  • Easy to configure and manage. Tracktio’s RTLS solution can track the location and movement of any object with 30cm (1 ft) accuracy and in real-time. What makes the Tracktio superior, is the ability to offer a very high location accuracy, update frequency for even fast moving objects and the flexibility to be used across a range of industry applications.
  • Tracktio uRTLS operates in the international low GHz frequency band and is proven to be interference free even at fully packed locations and with high density of tags. No interferences from/with Bluetooth or WiFi networs. All Tracktio hardware products are Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Conformité Européenne (CE) certified.
  • We continue to innovate and invest in new ways to provide the best bridge between the physical and digital worlds to enrich mobile experiences.


Very High Accuracy
10 cm – 1 m as continuous positioning accuracy

Long reach
From 20 to 150 m (depending on walls, metal structures etc)

Long lasting battery
up to 3 year battery life, lets you save costs

Best chip inside
IEEE802.15.4 standard chip by Decawave

Tracking Application
Multi-purpose application software, for zoning, alerting, tracking, reporting . Turning RTLS data to actionable intelligence.

Smartphone ready !
Our applications self-adapt to any screen size, also an Android native app is available and tags are smarphone readable with dual tracker tags.

Great API
If you want to integrate your operations application or customize your own dashboards, our comprehensive API includes raw data and events (geofencing, tag behavior, boolean ops, KPIs etc.)

Tags + Sensors with options
Assets, rugedized tags, vehicle ready, badge, waterproof, antitamper, temperature, accelerometer, leds, buzzer alarms, button, etc.


Our uRTLS starter kit delivers the necessary hardware elements to set up the solution in a fast and reliable way.
Check out this short video in which you can see how easy is the set up and how high accurate and reliable the solution is.

RTLS Starter Kit


  • Clean And Minimal Design
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer supported
  • Interactive 2D and 3D layout
  • Comprehensive reporting of history and KPIs
  • Flexible finder
  • Event generation with user defined categories
  • Customizable messaging and alarms
  • API available for easy integration


  • Different enclosures
  • Industrial and people tracking
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Non invasive
  • Customization possibilities
  • Event generation with user defined categories
  • Customizable messaging and alarms
  • API available for easy integration


uRTLS™: Tracktio’s RTLS solution is robust, plug&play and very cost effective.

UltraRTLS™ is an solid and innovative Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) in the market, based on the high performance radio technology called Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and RTLS algorythms. It is a full solution with hardware equipment, software, tools, and services—all in one platform—designed to address the specific positioning needs that you or your customers have