Tracktio’s BLE RTLS solution: trackBEACON™


trackBEACON™ is an solid and innovative active RFID with Real-Time Locating (RTLS) capabilities,
based on the standard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and developed by the Tracktio R&D engineers.
The solution is so flexible that can track both regular BLE tags or beacons and smartphones.
BLE Beacons are inexpensive, standard and available from multiple vendors-
trackBEACON™ by Tracktio a full solution with hardware equipment, software, tools, and services.
All in one platform, it is designed to address the specific positioning, identification,
asset tracking and people supervision needs, that you or your customers have.

Customer use cases tracktio RTLS UWB ultrartls

What is BLE ?

BLE is an exceptionally low-power version of the familiar Bluetooth protocol. BLE devices are small, inexpensive, and very efficient – running for months or even years on a single battery charge – and are optimized to interact with Wi-Fi networks, so there are no concerns about signal interference or compatibility. BLE has widespread industry support, in terms of business and consumer applications, and is a technology of choice for long-term use with smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

How BLE RTLS works ?

Thousands of assets can be tracked, even in the most challenging environments. Boundaries or zones can
be defined, with alerts sent whenever an asset or person enters or exits. Site personnel don’t need to wear tags (their smartphones or tablets can provide tracking data), and assets can be allocated , for fewer misplaced items and less time spent searching.

Cloud-based software gathers location data and presents actionable intelligence in an intuitive analytics dashboard.Easy-to-configure reports provide the details necessary to visualize asset utilization in real time, identify trends, and formulate improvements.


Standard beacon as tags
The solution tracks BLE beacons and smartphones

Long reach
From 20 to 150 m (depending on walls, metal structures etc)

Long lasting battery
up to 3 year battery life, lets you save costs

Optimal location accuracy
Most location and identification need 1-8m accuracy or room level location.

User friendly application
Multi-purpose application software, for zoning, alerting, tracking, reporting . Turning RTLS data to actionable intelligence.

Smartphone ready !
SW applications are web responsive. Native Apps are available. Tags are readable with BLE enabled smartphones

Tags + Sensors
temperature, accelerometer, leds, buzzer alarms, button, etc.

Tags options
Wristband, badge, waterproof, antitamper, medical polymers


  • Three layers, from top to bottom: Applications & User Interface, Base Stations infrastructure and BLE tags.
  • Easy to configure and manage, the Tracktio solution can track the location and movement of any object with room level accuracy, in real-time. What makes the Tracktio superior, is the ability to offer a very high location update frequency for even fast moving objects and the flexibility to be used across a range of industry applications. The Intelligent Locating System can handle the tracking of Tracktio Tags and any Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device, even simultaneously.
  • Tracktio Intelligent Locating Technology operates in the international 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) frequency band and is proven to be interference free even at fully packed sports stadiums. All Tracktio hardware products are Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Conformité Européenne (CE) certified.
  • We continue to innovate and invest in new ways to provide the best bridge between the physical and digital worlds to enrich mobile experiences.

Feature rich and flexible software

  • Clean And Minimal Design
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer supported
  • Interactive 2D and 3D layout
  • Comprehensive reporting of history and KPIs
  • Flexible finder
  • Event generation with user defined categories
  • Customizable messaging and alarms
  • API available for easy integration

Tags based on BLE beacons

  • Typical form factor is BLE wristband or RFID wristband, but also RFID and BLE tags can be attached in seconds to persons’ arms or legs or stitched to clothes, bags, helmets, etc.
  • The attached tag can be tamper-proof. Any attempt to remove or cut it other than by an authorized person automatically triggers an alarm.
  • Temperature tracking, motion detection or alarm button are avaliable under special orders.
  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices (equipment tags, tablets, smartphones) can work as BLE tags, so workers, customers or visitors do not need to wear a tag.

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