Global Leader in Rail Transport

How to deal with the challenge in overseeing multiple production lines

How to manage Work In Progress, and how to integrate it with ERP?

  • Manufacturers of complex machineries often face the challenge of uncoordinated working process, scattered components, and lack of control in work progression
  • Production area covered with UWB RTLS Stations (Anchors)
  • The chaos on the production lines translate to increase of errors, loss in time, which leads to higher production cost
  • Multiple production lines require an accurate delivery of parts and components in the right assembly lines

UWB-based uRTLS solution allows you to stay on top of every move, real time

  • Our solution incorporated the highly accurate UWB-based uRTLS solution with the existing ERP and MES to seamlessly extend the visibility over the production
  • uRTLS offers a real time visibility on each assembly line down to 30cm, guaranteeing everything is at the right place
  • Real time data is fed to TrackSphere, the tracking platform, which analyzes the information and present the result, alarm, report to the end user
  • TrackSphere supports multiple site operation, which provides more clarity on when did what happen where

Space Agency

Intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space.

How to handle tool-sharing in a multiple team project?

  • The client runs a multiple team project sharing a few sets of tools
  • Very often, people forget to register when they take the tools from the storage, or they don't return them after using. This makes it difficult for other teams to locate the tools that they need
  • The situation gets more complicated when large tools such as drills and forklifts, or small, portable tools are shared between different sites
  • The lack of clarity on the tool location causes loss in time and raise in cost

Flexible and scalable multi-site solution that copes with big and small

  • TrackSphere is a analytical tracking platform that supports multi-site operation, and different visibility for different roles
  • Real time location of tools are sent back to TrackSphere, where the data is stored and analyzed before it is presented to the client in form of map, alarm and report
  • Client can create Geofences over key areas such as tool storage room or restricted areas. This way, every time someone enters the designated zones, TrackSphere would mark it with time stamp so that the client can later check who enters which zone at what time

Leading Construction Company for Oil&Gas Clients

Global engineering company specialized in oil & gas, refinery and petrochemicals facilities design and construction

How to manage large workforce in field that has high safety requirement?

  • This client typically builds oil rigs and refineries for oil & gas business, who has high demand in building safety
  • Like any construction business, they deal with large number of workers working in shifts, which posts difficulty in management
  • Construction is usually divided in zones with different teams working on them simultaneously
  • Worker management is proven even more difficult when the client tries to work across zones

WideArea_Tracker™ offers real-time worker accountability and geofencing

  • TrackSphere offers Geofencing function, which allows the user to set virtual boundaries on its field to control the presence of people and asset. When unauthorized personnel or asset enters the area, the system will flag it and inform relevant persons
  • TrackSphere supports the automatic "flagging" function to associate people or assets to the location when they enter geofences. They could then be automatically "unflagged" upon their departure. This offers one great visibility on the whereabouts of their employees and visitors
  • Using a combination of LoRa, GPS and BLE technologies, WideArea_Tracker™ offers good visibility over a large area both indoors and outdoors at an economical cost

Leading Manufacturer of Wire Rope

World's leading manufacturer of wire rope for oil & gas, vessels and industrial applications.

Limited visibility on product distribution, out of touch with the customers

  • Wire rope is several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix forming a composite "rope" which is widely in oil & gas rigs
  • Because wire rope is used to hail heavy objects repetitively, it needs to be changed regularly
  • Due to the involvement of distributor in the sale process of wire rope, neither the client or the manufacturer has the exact knowledge of the life cycle of the rope

RFID tags + customized mobile app extends traceability to the end users

  • We installed a passive RFID solution and complemented it with a customized mobile app that allows the manufacturer, distributors and customers alike to know where the products are and their conditions
  • RFID tags are attached to the rope when they are manufactured, with their information collected into the system
  • Using the mobile app, the manufacturer has visibility on the distribution of their products while distributors and clients can look up information such as life cycle of the rope and the status of delivery
  • Distributors and end customers can also get in touch with the manufacturer for any feedback and question
  • Manufacturer can gather information from the downstream to adjust their production plan and product porfolio

State-of-the-art Robotic Designing

American engineering and robotics design company founded by MIT

How to improve robot-human interaction

  • Currently, robots that would interact with human typically use camera to detect presence, however, that only provide them with good visibility in one direction
  • No visibility on the side or the back causes danger to the people in proximity due to the weight and size of robots
  • Robots performance enhancement requires more data imput

uRTLS allows the robot to "see" 360°

  • uRTLS offers real time, 360° visibility to the robots and their controller
  • The location information is accurate down to 30cm
  • Real time location information allows the system to direct the robot to turn or stop moving when detecting human presence
  • 360° visibility reduces false alerts such as people walking behind a wall

Pan-European Steel Recycler/Manufacturer

A major metal recycler and manufacturer with 20+ factories serving construction, automation and heavy manufacturing.

Old-school Factory Set Up vs. Increasing Demand for Efficiency

  • The client has 20+ steel recycling / manufacturing factories producing various shapes of steel bars and rolls
  • Low visibility on the packages that may include different shapes and quantity of steel bars and rolls which are all placed together
  • Due to limited storage area, the packages are usually stacked together, which makes locating specific package difficult

High accuracy UWB RTLS combined with RFID & barcoding

  • RFID tags that contain information such as client profile, order detail, destination and deliver date are attached to each package
  • Install UWB reader on the forklift and hoist, which will record the time and location each time they pick up and drop off package
  • TrackSphere_Server running tracking algorithms, events, asset management and API integrated with Manufacturing Software/ERP
  • Processes and production KPIs aligned with Client priorities

Global Leader in Mining

North American corporation that engages in the exploration, development, mining of metals

How to improve work coordination with a large number of workers?

  • Mining industry is heavily labor intensive
  • Workers work in shift and large number, which imposes challenge in management
  • The sheer size of open field makes it even more difficult to account for the presence of workers, which increases the risk of untimely response to emergency

WideArea_Tracking to locate mine contractors, staff and visitors

  • Wearable personal trackers for indoor & outdoor location
  • Production area covered with a private LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)
  • TrackSphere_Server running tracking algorithms, events, asset management and API integrated with Mining Operations Software
  • Processes and production KPIs aligned with Client priorities
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