Accumulated hours spent on post

Help operation to have a better understanding of worker efficiency with no extra effort

Lack of information on worker productivity

  • Large industrial operations typically employ workers in large quantities working in shifts, which creates difficulties in management.
  • Worker efficiency is typically monitored through foreman and managers, who would supervise upto a dozen of people.
  • Worker management is even more difficult when the client tries to work across zones

Automation on productivity using geofences

  • In TrackSphere™, you can integrate your human resources database and keep credentials, roles and responsibility streamlined.
  • Using geofences, TrackSphere™ automatically records each worker when they enter and exit production zones.
  • You can then generate daily or weekly reports on the accumulated time they spent on post.

Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages (STOs)

Improves coordination between large teams who are performing maintenance service within limited time.

Stay on project schedule and keep workers safe

  • Oil & gas facilities need to go through STOs regularly, when they receive a thorough checkout at the cost of suspending production.
  • The tools and labour required for executing a turnaround is extremely expensive, and the revenue lost through shutting down elements of production can amount to a significant portion of an annual budget. Therefore, STOs usually have strict deadlines.
  • STO providers would bring in a large amount of workers to perform various tests, which often take place in hazardous areas involving many people.
  • STO providers face the double pressure from both meeting the deadline and keeping their employees safe.

Stay on top of STO progress with the help of TrackSphere™

  • Connected workers: In TrackSphere™, you can label teams using different colors and see their real time and historical movement in the plant.
  • Visualize working hours: Accumulated hours spent on site can be generated automatically
  • Security control: Access control can be implemented using geofences so that you will know if the workers are in their designated work zone.

Shift handovers

Supports automated fast entry/exit, keeps track of time spent on site, time spent on production zone, etc.

Efficient management of large teams handovers

  • Shift changes of large number of workers are often long and chaotic because it takes time to gather and record field status data.
  • Workers sometimes arrive at the worksite in buses. They would have to stand in line to swipe their badge to the card reader in order to clock in, which wastes time for production.

TrackSphere™ automizes log in and log out

  • Automation of log in and log out: TrackSphere™ can automatically clock workers in upon arrival when their geographical location matches that of the worksite.
  • Automatic AWOL notification: TrackSphere™ can notify the admin when someone who is scheduled for work fails to show up.
  • Integration: TrackSphere™ supports EPP checking, surveillance CCTV, HR database and other functions through API.
  • Accessibility: Our solution works from tags and smartphones, which offers you seamless functionality.

Operator rounds monitoring

Monitor regular maintenance rounds and security patrol

Monitor task execution

  • Big operations require regular visits to maintain the status of the machines and security of the proximity.
  • There is no way to guarantee if rounds have been made completely, or if they are done in compliance with the regulations.
  • Lacking an efficient way of monitoring, rounds and patrols typically rely on manual log, and that could lead to issues of quality, accuracy, objectivity and consistency.

TrackSphere™ digitalizes operator rounds monitoring

  • Design round routes: You can design routes for the maintenance staff and security guards in TrackSphere™ using geographical locations.
  • Automatic loggings: Their presence would be recorded automatically with timestamp into the backlog, leaving them no room for fraud.
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