Site overview for operation supervisors and HSE manager

Track workforce across large facilities for better coordination and team productivity

Personnel information scattering over different platforms and systems

  • Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Managers often lack the advanced tools for real time monitoring and historical data analysis.
  • They need help to make sure all personnel is following the rules, and that everyone is properly trained and fire drills are well rehearsed.
  • They face difficulties in supervising large sites with multiple buildings and floors without CCTV cameras
  • Large number of shift workers, contractors, staff and vistors creates difficulties in management.
  • They need help to make sure the site is compliant with HSE regulation and company policies

TrackSphere™ converges reports, alerts, real time KPI on one screen

  • TrackSphere™ application helps users in the central control room and HSE managers to monitor worker and contractor location and risks based on safety events, defined by the user.
  • TrackSphere™ offers supreme tracking capacity of thousands of workers, each with his/her credentials, organizational details, clearance and status. All information is seamlessly integrated with company security system, serving geofencing functions and KPI to better monitor the site in real time.
  • Geofencing allows users to set virtual boundaries on its campus to control the presence of people and assets.
  • TrackSphere™ supports the automatic “flagging” function to associate people or assets with the location when they enter geofences. They can then be automatically “unflagged” upon their departure. This offers great visibility of employees and visitors
  • Using a combination of LoRa, GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, WideArea_Tracking™ offers good visibility over large areas, both indoors and outdoors, at an economical cost

Key zones management: Who entered where when?

Keep track of presence in key zones such as dangerous areas

Workforce has different levels of clearance to different locations

  • Operation needs to stay on top of key zones on a work site, such as rooms for keeping dangerous chemicals or production materials.
  • Often only a handful of workers have the clearance to enter these key zones, but there is not an efficient way to keep track of who entered which key zone at what time
  • This information is crucial for operations with inventory management problems.

Run differential clearance management on TrackSphere™

  • In TrackSphere™, you can tag your workforce into groups such as “employees”, “contractors”, “visitors” and give them different levels of access to the work site.
  • TrackSphere™ offers real time and historical data on location, route, zones and speed on our visual interface.
  • With the help of geofences, TrackSphere™ automatically records every entry and exit of the key zones. Each entry is recorded with the tag number, the zone number and the timestamp.
  • When a person with the clearance enters the key zone, TrackSphere™ would simply add it to the backlog which you can export as a daily report. When a person without the clearance enters the key zone, TrackSphere™ could generate an alarm and notify the relevant team, such as security, to find out who broke into the restricted areas.

Lone worker safety management

TrackSphere™ helps you to stay connected with lone workers remotely

Remotely monitor lone workers who work at higher risk

  • Certain posts require one to work by himself in remote locations.
  • When an emergency happens, it is very hard for lone workers to get help from the operation.
  • It is also challenging for the operation to stay on track of the location and status of the lone workers.

Stay connected even when apart

  • TrackSphere™ offers real time and historical data on location, route, zones and speed on our visual interface.
  • Our tags come with a SOS button and accelerometer to detect impact and the lack of movement. They also support responsive communication to help workers stay in touch.
  • In TrackSphere™, the lack of movement (such as when someone is stuck unconscious) can be used to trigger an alarm.

Emergency and evacuation management

Real time overview of worker movement, mustering status and evacuation execution.

Real time monitoring of emergency evacuation

  • Large industrial operations typically have multiple muster points for emergency evacuation.
  • When an emergency happens, workers would go to the closest muster point, which can be scattered over the plant.
  • It is challenging for the operation to know how many have reached the safe areas, and who else are still at risk.

Get real time mustering information in emergencies on TrackSphere™

  • By putting geofences around muster points, you can keep track of workers who entered these safe zones by doing a real time headcount.
  • TrackSphere™ can compile a list of workers present over all muster sites, or show lists of people at different evacuation spots. It can also generate the list of those who are still at risk and locate them in the map.
  • TrackSphere™ can automatically escalate the level of alert under defined conditions such as “when missing workers exceed 15 over 10 mins”.

Contact tracking in infectious outbreak

Tracktio helps to keep your workforce safe through contact tracking against pandemics such as COVID-19 and H1N1.

Keep track of close contact between workers

  • In time of viral outbreak, social distancing is needed to guarantee workforce to stay healthy and productive
  • While it is easy to extend the distance between work stations, it is much harder to keep track of who has gotten into contact with whom in the facility.
  • The lack of such information may force companies to shut down operation to prevent the outbreak at work.

Remote movement monitor and alert when minimum distance is broken

  • Remote supervision on social distance: TrackSphere™ can detect when two persons are overlapping in their safety movement zone with the help of geofences.
  • Real time alert: When the safety distance is broke, TrackSphere™ will generate trigger vibration on the tags worn by the workers involved to alert them.
  • Historical record: TrackSphere™ will keep the record of everyone that a say worker has come in touch with for retroactive inspection.
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